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            Industry Application

            Location: / Industry Application / Logistics / Warehouse
            Logistics / Warehouse
            Chinese Packaging Federation party secretary, executive vice president and Secretary General Wang Yuezhong, vice president of Hunan University of Technology Zhang Changfan, Chinese Packaging Association vice president, chairman of the Dongguan municipal environmental protection packaging industry association Wang Haipeng, executive vice president of Guangdong Packaging Technology Association and the Secretary General Zhu Zhiwei, deputy secretary of Dongguan City, Qiaotou Town Committee, town mayor Ye Guanqiang. Secretary Chen Shaowen and other leaders attending the forum.
            Leading the guests were introduced in his speech at the Dongguan municipal environmental protection packaging development situation, pointed out that the bridge in the town as the country's first "China Biopack town", has become the focus of the packaging industry gathering area, low-carbon environmental protection has become the mainstream of the bridge in the town, the government also introduced a series of preferential policies and support measures to promote enterprise the development of; and relying on technology, talents and information advantages of colleges and universities, with 4 colleges, 5 companies jointly invested 200 million yuan, the formation of "Dongguan City Qiaotou town of environmental protection packaging industry collaborative innovation center", under the environmental protection packaging materials application development, equipment manufacturing innovation, product exhibition and trade center and 10 sub centers. Provide service and technical support in many aspects for the innovation of enterprises. The collaboration center has been listed as a professional town in Dongguan city innovation service platform construction project, there are currently 6 sub centers initially completed, the remaining 4 are expected to be completed next year.
            The forum, experts in various fields in environmentally friendly packaging packaging industry and enterprise Chinese packaging industry "13th Five-Year" development planning and environmental protection packaging technology, under the new situation, how to innovate - packaging design and consumer packaging experience, green packaging and printing process and digital technology, green packaging, intelligence and security as the theme, share professional knowledge of environmental protection packaging technology related to the participants. The participants said that the forum provides more application technology communication and information communication platform, for environmental protection packaging enterprises can obtain more comprehensive industry experts share, packaging information technology to provide learning opportunities for environmental protection packaging company, pointed out the direction for the next five years of development of environmental protection packaging.